Seattle Convertible Tops

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Our Mission

We are a one stop source for convertible top and auto and truck upholstery

Our goal is to make your convertible top or upholstery purchase as easy as possible.

Not all convertible tops are created equal - ours are manufactured in California and each and every top is patterned after the original one. So weather you need a convertible top from the 1940's to the 2008 model year we have what you need.


We are committed to providing the best customer service and products available anywhere worldwide. We have had many years of sucessfully sending our products from Iceland to Australia and Europe to the Far East. We provide worldwide delivery for all of our products.

We have a huge selection of tops but if you don't see exactly what you need please contact us. If you arn't sure about the fabric or colors please let us send you a sample. You can be assured you will receive exactly what you expected.

All of our products are exactly the same as professional installers use.

So join thousands of other smart consumers by purchasing your own top and taking it to a local upholstery shop - you can save hundreds of dollars.

Customer Service


We guarantee a first class experience from beginning to end. This is usually a project that only needs to be done every 10-20 years so it is important you deal with the experience, expertise and knowledge of the industry. We can guide you through the entire process and even help with some recommendations for installers.

1. If you are unsure about the fabrics or colors please let us send you a sample before ordering.

2. You'll be amazed at our pricing. Because we do large volume buying we can save you hundreds of dollars over the retail prices offered at dealerships or local stores.

3. All of our products are shipped directly from the factory - there are no middle men.

4. If you need help locating an installer please call us we'd like to help. The local yellow pages can also be helpful - there should be several listed under 'upholstery'.

5. We take any major credit card or debit card. If you prefer to order over the phone please do not hesitate to give us a call.